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The Science Behind Weight Loss Programs

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While millions of American and folks in the Western world can tell you all about the trendy diets like the South Beach Diet or the Atkins Diet, most of them can’t guarantee you that such diets are scientifically healthy.  The confusion across the science behind weight loss programs and dieting has fueled controversy both among health practitioners and fitness experts.


Controversy Over Low-Carbs, High-Fat Diet

The ordinary person who would like to lose weight is confused about what is best for them.  Look no further than the controversy over the low-carbs, high-fat Atkins Diet.  Proponents of the High-protein, high-fat diet argued that excessive amounts of fat are good for weight loss, arguing that you can lose weight if your low-calorie diet composed mainly of fat calories, but health experts have argued against this assertion.


The Journal of American Dietetic Association (JADA) ran a series of analysis and encountered that the scientific information disagreed with the high-fat argument.  No wonder that millions of people are confused about the science behind weight loss plans.  On the one hand, you have medical investigators  arguing on one thing and on the other hand, you have the weight loss promoters arguing the exact opposite.


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To understand the basic principle about protein, carbohydrates and fat and how these three diet elements play a role in healthy, sustained dieting and weight loss regime. It’s vitally important that you understand the science behind their weight loss programs to be able to make an informed and healthy choices on losing weight.


The Scientific Health Basics of Fat Carbs and Protein in a Diet.

In general, the best path to losing those undesired fats is by exercising at home or going to the gym.  This is probably the best solution to any weight loss solution. It’s a fact that working out regularly would help you tone those flabby muscles up.  You might be wondering, why some people who goes to the gym for a long period of time still complain about their figure.  Others who may not go to the gym but are on a diet and have an active lifestyle can sometimes see better results than those who goes to the gym regularly altering their diet.  Active lifestyles, moderate exercise and Diet are the three most important priorities for a person that is aiming to lose weight and healthy body.


What Makes a Person Fat?

Diet is not a weight loss but by dieting you’ll be able to keep your calorie intake low.  Your body needs protein, carbohydrates and fats, all three contains calories. One gram of protein equals to 4 calories.  So, if you eat at least 40 grams of protein, you will need to multiply it by four.  It’s a very simple math, 40 grams of protein x 4 = 160 calories.  The good thing is our body needs lots of protein.  Body builders and people with active lifestyle uses protein supplement.


Carbohydrates like protein, 1 gram of carbs equals to 4 calories.  So, consuming 20 grams of carbs multiply by four would equal to 80 calories.  Virtually all foods have carbs in it so it would be impossible to get away from carbs.  On the contrary, one gram of fat is equal to 9 calories, so if you eat thirty grams of fats, you will get two hundred an seventy calories.  That is 30 carbs x 9 = 270 calories. Now you know why most people who are sensible about their figure and health deprive themselves of eating several fatty foods a day.


Diet doesn’t mean you need to skip meals, but it means don’t go over the limit.  An active person can consume more because they burn more calories.  But if you are less active then you must be conscious to consume fewer calories.  Fitness and weight loss depends on each person’s motivation.   Just make sure you make the right decision and begin taking care of your body and your fitness by eating sensibly.


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