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Fire in the Belly

“Fire in the Belly” Shifts Medical Opinion

Could the problem behind all medical conditions really lie in your intestines?Imagine a huge upheaval in medicine that alters the whole way we look at disease, how our bodies work, the role of genes and the process of aging. It would be BIG, wouldn’t it?Yet such a huge earthquake hasRead More

9 General Rules for Buying Health Food Supplements

A higher percentage of people are now taking vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements as a way of keeping healthy and starving of dangerous diseases. There are so many different forms of health food supplements on the market made from capsules, soft gels, gel cap, powders, tablets that can lead to confusionRead More

Nine of the Best Super Nutrient Packed Foods for 2017

Nine of the Best Super Nutrient Packed Foods for 2017   What is the secret to a long and healthy life?  It is in the food that we eat.  As you well know, all foods are not created equal, “you are what you eat”.  Choosing and eating the right foodsRead More

Probiotics, The Mini Miracle

Probiotics,  The Mini Miracle Okay, I realise it’s not the type of subject you might discuss around the dinner table but how much do you know about bacteria? Not a lot I’ll bet. I didn’t either until recently. I always thought they were dirty nasty things you didn’t want. AfterRead More

Probiotics for Constipation Relief

Probiotics for Constipation Relief Constipation is not usually a sign of serious health issues, but it can be rather bothersome to people who suffer from the condition regularly. Finding the right constipation relief is easy and is going to make all the difference in how you feel. Constipation can leadRead More

Probiotic-Rich Foods You Should Consume

Probiotic-Rich Foods You Should Consume Did you know that bacteria are good for you? Of course, these aren’t the ones that cause health problems! In your gut live trillions of beneficial bacterial or probiotics strains that are involved in your digestive health. Unfortunately, poor lifestyle and dietary choices can putRead More

How a Probiotic Colon Cleanse Can Revitalize Your Health

How a Probiotic Colon Cleanse Can Revitalize Your Health Your digestive system plays a major role in your overall health. 60 to 80 percent of your immune system is located there, according to Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD. The digestive system is a strong yet delicate ecosystem, finely balancing bad andRead More

Health Benefits of Probiotics

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