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Raw Turmeric

10 Health Benefits of Turmeric

  Finding the right supplement for your health needs can be tricky. Supplements, in general, are often overloaded with additives and chemicals that the human body simply does not need. The practice of placing additives into supplements is widespread. The supplement market place is a multi-billion dollar a year business,Read More


CANNABIS oil caused cancerous breast tumour to shrink.

A grandmother-of-ten has claimed her cancerous breast tumour has shrunk to an eighth of the size since she started taking cannabis oil. Lin Coxon was told she needed aggressive treatment – including eight rounds of chemotherapy – but has now opted to not have it. The 69-year-old’s cancer had alsoRead More

Natural Treatment for Diabetes

How do you cure diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a nutritional disorder, categorised by a high level of elevated blood glucose and the flow of the excess glucose in the urine. It results from a total or comparative deficiency of insulin which leads to anomalies in carbohydrate conversion of food into energy, as well as proteins andRead More

Fire in the Belly

“Fire in the Belly” Shifts Medical Opinion

Could the problem behind all medical conditions really lie in your intestines?Imagine a huge upheaval in medicine that alters the whole way we look at disease, how our bodies work, the role of genes and the process of aging. It would be BIG, wouldn’t it?Yet such a huge earthquake hasRead More

Hair Loss

Worried About Hair Loss?

To some people, they consider their hair as their best asset. But to those who are suffering from hair loss, this is not the case. Instead of being a source of pride and confidence, this very condition serves as a factor that lowers their self-confidence. We know that Biotin isRead More

Cancer Defeated

This Popular Beverage is Also a Potent Cancer Fighter

Lee Euler, Editor   See if you can identify the beverage I’m talking about by a few facts: • There are more than 38 ways to make it. • 65% of American drink it with breakfast. • 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink it every day. •Read More

Herbal Medicine helps prevent and treat arthritis

Herbal Medicine helps prevent and treat arthritis Lots of people around the world suffer from some form of arthritis. It is commonly believed that arthritis is incurable. The standard professional medical response has been to simply prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers to alleviate the symptoms. Medication does not healRead More

Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Cancer Prevention

Healthy Lifestyle Choices for Cancer Prevention By Areg Boyamyan  |   Submitted On November 14, 2016 While there are cancer risk factors that aren’t always completely in our control, there is a category of risk factors that is: Lifestyle. Jean-Paul Sartre said “We are our choices” and this holds true when itRead More

Lyme Disease Treatment: Vitamin C And Salt

Lyme Disease Treatment: Vitamin C And Salt Lyme disease, or borreliosis, is a rising infectious disease caused by the micro-organism Borrelia burgdorferi. The bacteria, known as spirochete bacteria, are transmitted by the bite of an infected black-legged or deer tick. Other potential carriers include ticks from the genus Ixodes. BorreliaRead More

Effective Herbal And Home Treatments For This Skin Disorder

Effective Herbal and Home Treatments for This Skin Disorder White patches are one of the most common symptoms of Vitiligo skin disease. Obviously, it is occurred due to the depigmentation of the skin. In some cases, the people with vitiligo would have witnessed gray scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. Some peopleRead More

Angular Cheilitis Treatment That Works

Angular cheilitis Treatment That Works Do you have cracked illness it can still be very disturbing for the concerned individual. This article has been put together to inform you about the Angular cheilitis treatment options that are available. It is important to take steps to prevent the condition from worseningRead More

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